Adventure Languages

For Homeschoolers

Since homeschooling plays such an integral part in the story of Adventure French, it would be impossible to discuss Adventure French without discussing homeschooling.

Peter, the program's creator and instructor, is the son of Bob and Bonnie. Bob has been a pastor for more than thirty years, and Bonnie is former public school teacher who chose to stay home to educate Peter and his brother when they were born. These were the pioneering days of homeschooling, and Bob and Bonnie often found themselves speaking at homeschooling gatherings,and meeting such homeschooling innovators as Dr. Raymond Moore, who even mentioned the family in his newsletter and books.

Peter remembers the difficulties he had finding good foreign language programs during his homeschooling years. This is where the story of Adventure French begins. Peter was convinced there was better way for homeschoolers to learn a foreign language, and has used his years of homeschooling knowledge, language study, and private tutoring experience to create the Adventure French program.

You will find Adventure French to be customed tailored for home study!