Adventure Languages

Our Method

The Adventure French method is designed to give students a clear path to learning the language and provide them with all the resources they need to do so in a fun and effective manner. We utilize various forms of media to give our learners a variety of ways to master the material.

All of our courses come with a detailed syllabus, eliminating the confusing step of having to search for the appropriate material to study next.

Adventure French goes far beyond the one dimensional nature of most foreign language courses because it is a fully integrated program designed to teach students how to speak the French language fluently, and not just recite phrases! How? By utilizing the knowledge of how the mind acquires language, we have structured the course in a way that will allow students to learn the language naturally and progressively.

To learn more about why Adventure French is so effective, we suggest reading "Mom, I Want to Learn Urdu!", an article written for Homeschool Enrichment by our founder and instructor, Peter Groth.